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We Believe In People First

Our adults with disabilities are, first and foremost, people first. They are people with  abilities, interests, and needs. They are ordinary individuals--- someone’s brother, sister, neighbor, friend, son, and daughter. They are not to be pitied, feared, ignored, or disrespected. Most importantly, they are not helpless. Their potential supersedes imagination, but only if we stop and treat them like the people they are. 

As of November 2021 . . .

Did You Know? 

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We boast an enrollment of over 300 Participants-- our men are 195 strong while our women number 125. The average age of our Participants is 32 years old; nevertheless, we strive to meet the changing needs of all our adults, starting from 21 years of age.

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While we hold the Adult Day Program to our own standards of excellence, our Policy and Procedure Manual is also fully approved by the Department of Developmental Disabilities. 

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Campus Life

Our Adult Day Program has the privilege of occupying three buildings on our 10-acre campus. From assigned rooms, to courtyards, to various facility centers such as the gym and aquatic center, our men and women's interests and social involvement are prioritized. 

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Talent Management

As mentioned previously on our homepage, our staff undergoes extensive continuing education training, underscoring our goal for consistent and constant improvement. During lockdown in 2020, we had our staff complete over 150 additional courses related to supporting individuals with IDD. 

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