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Community Alliances

A total of 9,371 participant visits were accrued in the 2 years prior to COVID-19. From visiting the girls scouts' camp sites, to touring local universities, to firehouse demonstrations, to pumpkin and apple picking, to group meals at nearby restaurants and malls-- we strongly believe community involvement is a necessary goal for growth in adults with disabilities.  

Community Involvement

The year prior to COVID-19, we had 6,819 community outings

IMG_3059 5guys.JPG
1,497 Participants went out to eat
996 Participants went shopping
1,007 Participants went bowling
1,185 Participants visited recreational centers
library 1.jpg
1,954 Participants visited other community partners

Upcoming Community Involvement

As COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, we will continue to increase the number and type of trips going out daily.


Shopping Trips


Parks and Picnics

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